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Register for free today as a SmartAgent and be part of the transition as insurance finally moves into the 21st century. With today’s technology we can finally eliminate cumbersome processes and create efficient tools to help bring Agents and Customers together. Our mission is to fill gaps in agency workflow by developing and improving processes that facilitate the seamless flow of data and information across multiple platforms. We use and integrate existing solutions where available and create new ones where they do not already exist.

As a SmartAgent you’ll gain access the tools below, with more tools currently in development and in beta testing.

  • Premium Financing (Including Ghost Policies & Assigned Risk Policies)
  • Classification and Underwriting Assistance
  • Industry Links and Resources
  • Premium Lead Program

Custom Options for Tech Friendly Agencies (or those who want to be!)…

  • Website development
  • Leadgen tools for any site including customer friendly rating engines
  • Automated workflow tools for any site including certificates, endorsements, etc

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