Premium Financing

Premium Financing with SmartInsurance

What is Premium Financing and how would it benefit me and my business? Well, just as is sounds, Premium Financing is a process where your insurance premium is financed over the term of your policy. Instead of being forced to pay for your insurance policy in full by the carrier or your agent, you can instead finance the premium so you’ll get a low down payment and installments. Then you can pay for the policy over the course of the entire term. We can finance Assigned Risk Policies, Minimum Premium Policies, Ghost Policies and more. You can even group up to five policies together on one finance agreement, so you only have one bill for all of them.¬†That way you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about your insurance.

*To be eligible for our premium financing program you must be a SmartRisk member. Our SmartRisk membership also comes with tons of Employer Resources, Insurance Documentation and Safety Tips to really help you understand the insurance industry, its impact on your business, and the best way to navigate your business through it. A license insurance agent is required to apply for financing and to register as a SmartRisk member. To refer your agent, complete the form on the right side of this page.