Insurance Forms

Smart Insurance Forms

Agent websites and the vendors who make them are getting more creative.  There are clickable coverage tools, animations, and a variety of ways to display content.  While driving traffic is a necessary component of modern marketing, conversions are the real goal.  The question is not how many people see your site.  The question is how many people are prompted to take the desired action. Responsive and intuitive insurance forms are the first building block of digital engagement.

The best solution is for your engagement options to be as dynamic and diverse as your potential customers are.  In today’s world of instant digital gratification, giving customers what they want and expect is far easier than convincing them they should want something else. You may not be able to have the conversation you think they need if you don’t give them what they want.

Success with digital conversions means that the user can contact you or request a contact at whatever level of detail they want, using whatever device they want, at whatever time they want. Our collection of conversion tools makes that possible- starting with our online forms.

  • Responsive (mobile, tablet, pc, etc)
  • Compatible with the most popular website platform (WordPress)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Relevant risk profile questions
  • Cross-sell messaging
  • Customized delivery to agents based on size, type of prospect
  • Relevant questions show/hide based on prospects answers
  • Commercial includes- all major lines and many specialty lines
  • Industry specific questions
  • Personal includes Home, Auto, Boat, Umbrella