Affiliate Marketing Intelligence

Mutual synergy with quality affiliates and adjacent services is a key component of our approach to assisting agents. We have a simple philosophy: the best solutions will win. Affiliate marketing intelligence isn’t about tipping the scales, but helping agencies measure and understand value- particularly as it relates to digital marketing services.

If you want to deliver a measurable value proposition to agents, we can incorporate your services into our consolidated tracking and reporting. Agents can see traffic, engagement, leads, and conversions generated as a result of their use of your services- depending on what you offer.

If there is broad use of our tracking and reporting among mutual clients, we can create a dedicated group to help you see how your client performance compares to those outside of your group, and you are free to leverage that information for promotion and marketing.

Of course, as the best solutions become evident through accurate tracking and comparison, we can also help to promote and link to services that we know agents will benefit from.

Contact us today and we’ll find synergistic ways to help more agents!