You Are Automating. Are Your Agents?

For niche carriers and MGAs, we have quote and application automation services available with limited or no financial risk.  However, most larger carriers have already conceptualized the plans for automation and are busy building new platforms and trying to stay ahead.  What about your agents?  Will your most loyal agents be able to market and sell and service in a way that gives them an advantage over agents representing your competitors?

We believe the best dynamic is quality independent agents representing quality insurers.  We can collaborate with you to create customer facing platforms that shortcut the sales and submission process for agents and fast track submissions to your systems.  All of our solutions are designed to be agnostic- meaning they can be tailored to integrate with any management system and any product or office environment.

Websites or stand alone web apps with features built around your products and messaging can be delivered to your entire footprint at minimal cost per agent and no cost to you (unless you choose to co-op). If you question the logic of competing for agency loyalty in comparative raters- maybe it’s time for a unique approach that breaks the mold!  

Follow the link below to complete a brief questionnaire about your company’s vision and one of our amazing team members will assess your goals and provide a no obligation consultation and proposal.

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