SmartRisk for Consumers

As a small business, insurance can often be one of the most expensive items in your budget. Our SmartRisk membership includes essential tools for small businesses seeking to lower insurance costs. It includes all of the items listed below and more. With these tools, you’ll better understand your insurance and the best way to navigate your business through the industry of risk. Register now to take advantage!

  • Sample Contracts
  • Sample Certificates
  • Common Coverage & Claim Issues
  • *Premium Financing (Incl. Ghost & Assigned Risk Policies)
  • Transition Assistance to Avoid Assigned Risk Policies
  • OSHA Recommendations

Coming Soon….

  • Send Certificate Request Notifications to your Agent
  • View your policy right in your Dashboard
  • Additional Dashboard Tools
    • Set Recurring Payment Reminders
    • Set Renewal Reminders (to make sure your policy doesn’t lapse)
    • And More…

*Licensed Insurance Agent is required to apply for Premium Financing. If you’re agent doesn’t have a SmartAgent membership, they can sign up for free.