Enterprise Insurance Consulting

Smart Insurance Enterprise Consulting

Revolutionary insurance consulting model that increases competition, reduces process cost, and adds efficiency for insureds, consultants, and agents working on insurance renewals.

Insurance consulting is not a new idea, but finding a way to pay consultants without charging money on top of premium dollars is certainly new. We don’t think it’s ever been done. Our solution is a compensation model that clearly delineates the consultant and agent relationship to avoid the conflict of interest that is inherent and often poisonous to lasting relationships.  In our model, the consultant and agent will never be the same person or entity, but they both agree to share the same pot of commission dollars.  The truth is, there is plenty of room in that bucket for both of them without one excluding the other. When a customer chooses to use our process, they know they are getting consultants and agents with a clear understanding of the boundaries and the knowledge that our goal is to give the customer the best of all worlds.


This is an individual who exclusively represents the insured.  Our insurance and risk consultants do not represent a particular insurance company or agent.  It is their sole responsibility to know the insured and understand their needs. The consultant does the bulk of the work by completing applications, supplements, more supplements, and anything else the selected agents or carriers need to provide competitive quotes.  They also collaborate with the insured to provide continuity and an objective, professional perspective.

The lack of financial conflict means that mutual trust can happen more naturally.  The consultant can speak candidly with the customer about the pros and cons of a given agent.  They can also advise an agent where they need to step up their game in order to secure an account- this year or next.  Most agents/brokers are well-meaning hard workers, and most customers are loyal businesses just looking for a fair premium. However, good intentions are not the only prerequisite for a good pairing. A good consultant does right by both when they work to find the ideal fit- not just a ‘winning bid’.  Become A Consultant


The agent of record presents the applications to carriers of the customer’s choosing. The real work begins when an agent is selected.  This is an important distinction, because, in many cases- agents work like crazy to “win” an account and then disappear until the next renewal. Truthfully, agents don’t have to do much during the quote process in this model- since the consultants complete the applications and present a completed submission profile.  Agents should be well qualified, well-staffed, and have the applicable expertise for the accounts they are hoping to write and service.  Our consultants will bring middle market opportunities to agents at no cost.  FREE PROSPECTIVE POLICYHOLDER applications are delivered to qualified agents on a silver platter- completed along with any supplement the agent or carrier needs.  The consultant knows the insured and can communicate the expectations to the agent, so they are confident that the goal of the relationship is long term and not an annual bidding war.  Agents can save their resources and energy for servicing the customer once the policies are placed.  Register as an Agent to be notified of opportunities.