About Us

SmartInsurance is defined by an innovative approach that combines consumer centered solutions like comparative rating and product education with integration platforms that allow agents to meet the demand in real time within the framework of their existing workflow .

There is an axiom in the insurance business that says “sell coverage, not price”. While we understand the intent of the sentiment, the subtext as interpreted by customers might as well say “focus on the benefits because the rate is really high!” It is also predicated on a false premise that one is more important than the other. We believe that decision making conversations are most often preceded by knowing what something costs. The cost and value are equal and codependent factors in purchasing insurance, so we endeavor to give customers all of the information as quickly, completely, and efficiently as possible- and then connect them with an agent that fits the pricing, location, and service profile they select.  When the process is initiated and driven by the consumer, it is more valuable to the selected agent and more efficient for everyone involved.


For agents that want maximum efficiency, we also provide customized comparative rating tools and integration tailored to fit your existing website and management systems.  In short, SmartInsurance is the shortest route to optimal workflow for agents who want to stay ahead of their competitors in a rapidly changing market.  In an era of technology disruption, customers still value agent relationships.  We help bridge the gap so customers can experience the automation they expect, while doing business with an agent and not a call center.