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As most agents know, the independent insurance industry has often lagged behind on their technological investments and innovations, leaving independent agents, brokerages and MGA’s often out in the cold when compared to many captive carriers. 

Times are finally changing and we’re seeing more and more investment in technology from large carriers finally realizing they better get with the program or be left to die on the vine as more insure-tech startups soak up market share. 

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Now’s the time to get your agency, brokerage or MGA ready for the next iteration of the industry. Make sure your online platforms, websites and tools have been modernized to connect with rating platforms, CMS’s and marketing platforms.    

Not sure where to start? In addition to your digital marketing strategies, we also help modernize tools, raters, websites and platforms to make sure they’re ready to accept the prospects our marketing strategies will generate. 

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We utilize a plethora of strategies to create an all out assault to increase your digital presence. Wherever your target customer goes, they’re going to see you.  

Paid Search (Pay Per Click)
Display Ads (Mobile Ads)

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Ad Strategy

We’ll create a customized marketing strategy to blanket your target geographic area and ideal demographic to get you in front of potential customers.  

Every Agency, Broker and MGA has different priorities. Some want to focus on Search, others on Social Media. We’ll work hand in hand to create your strategy and focus your efforts where you want them most. 

Bespoke Marketing Plans

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