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Insurance leads are getting more expensive and harder to come by as more competition enters the market and consumer expectations for real time rates and information continues to increase. Register for free today as a SmartAgent and be the first to know what’s next and what’s new.  Our mission is to move beyond technology as window dressing and use it to grow your businesses.  Improving the experience for your customers and generating new prospect opportunities is more than cool graphics and catch phrases.  Today’s customers expect quick, easy, and intuitive solutions. We use and integrate existing solutions where available and create new ones where they do not already exist. Perhaps most importantly, we leverage scale and synergy across our verticals to make every solution as practical and as affordable for agents as possible.

As a registered SmartAgent you’ll gain access to the following

  • Smart Insurance Enterprise Consulting (SEIC), which is our revolutionary middle market lead generation and revenue sharing model.
  • Lead Generation tools that can be implemented on any website ($)
  • Money for prospects that you don’t want (small, new, no prior, high hazard, etc). We buy prospects who aren’t worth your time.
  • Industry Links and Resources
  • The benefit of collective market intelligence as our agency network grows
  • Customized digital marketing services for Google search and mobile devices ($)

$- Requires separate or upgraded subscription

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