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Premium Financing with SmartInsurance

As an Insurance Agent, you likely already know that many carriers, along with several types of policies such as Assigned Risk or Ghost Policies, are required to be paid in full. The reality is many small businesses simply can’t afford to pay in full, yet they may be required to show proof of insurance just to get paid. Talk about a catch 22. They don’t offer any type of installment plan and if your customer can’t afford the entire amount, there wasn’t much you could do help. Now there is!

Our Premium Finance Program offers several advantages over the competition. Unlike many others, we can finance Assigned Risk Policies, Ghost Policies, Minimum Premium Policies and more. We can group multiple policies all into one finance agreement to simplify the payments for the insured. Accounting is something nearly all small businesses struggle to manage, so having one payment for 5 policies is always better than 5 payments for 5 policies. We offer ACH Funding (Bank Draft) which really speeds up the payment and issue process for some of the slow movers, such as the NCCI.

In short, offering low down payments and multiple installment plans to your customers is a guaranteed way to increase the growth of your book and set your agency apart!

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